Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Mashable is still a bit of a mystery to me. It appears to be a combined effort with StumbleUpon... or part of... I'm not sure. But today I posted my first comment to a list presented to me on Mashable.

The process appeared to be simple enough. I clicked on comment, gave myself a name, and said what I had to say.

I then ventured back to find my comment. The comments were not listed sequentially in date order, which caught be a little by surprise. My next surprise was that I couldn't figure out how to modify my comment. (I had hoped the link I provided to my website would appear.)

As I ventured along I found myself entering a profile into something called It allowed me to enter more information about myself. There is a place to upload a photo or avatar image. It was kinda fun. And I suspect I will be ultimately be able to utilize this profile as I make more comments on Mashable. Still, however, my first comment remains unchanged and it has been time consuming already. I must move on.

Should anyone have suggestions or insite as to how I might update my initial comment to include a link to my website. Also, advice on how to more easily navigate the Mashable site would be greatly appreciated.

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