Monday, March 23, 2009

Is There Too Much Noise Pollution In Blogger-ville?

I have stumbled about and searched the net for weeks, in search of bloggers who might shed light on how this whole blogging thing works.

I've found blogs on blogs, blogs on finding blogs, blogs on reviewing blogs, blogs about making money blogging, and the list goes on endlessly. Among them are dozens of blogs with nothing but RSS feeds to other blogs on the subject, most of whom I had already visited.

As I stumble through the few with actual content, most are selling something. Few have any real posts. And of those few who do, I see fewer still with visitor comments, making me wonder if I'm their only visitor.

It's a train wreck out there with no looky-loos and I'm starting to wonder where the real value is.

To write for the sake of writing is fine. It's like having a diary that you don't care if you lose on the subway. But what if you would truly like to share your work with others? What about those of us who are not content to simply be faceless voices in the crowd? It seems there is simply too much noise pollution on the web for the actual bloggers to be noticed.

It's a question I have yet to answer. Perhaps someone out there will notice my post and respond with a comment that has answers. I can tell you, for a fledgling blogger, that first comment on my blog would be akin to the first dollar made in a new business, truly treasured.

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