Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting to the Top of the Search

A little while back I came upon a tip for getting blogs and websites to appear in search engine results. It was simple enough that I thought it worth a try.

The idea was simple: go to each search engine on a regular basis and search on the title of your blog or website. I like the concept. It makes sense. So, I have been testing it out, though not on a daily basis. I'm simply not that consistent.

I have 3 blogs. We'll call them the Enviro one, This one and the Investing one. As of today, this is what I have discovered when I search for each via the main search engines.

Enviro Blog
  • Appears at the top of: Google only.
  • Instead of my blog, BlogTopList and/or my comment on Woman's Day appears on Yahoo, AltaVista, All the Web, MSN, Dogpile and Ask.

Investing Blog

  • Instead of my blog, BlogTopList appears on Google, Dogpile and Ask.
  • My blog doesn't appear at all on Yahoo, AllTheWeb, AltaVista, or MSN.

This Blog

  • Appears at the top of: All the Web and Yahoo.
    Instead of my blog, a comment I made on CopyBloger appears on a site called backtype.com when I search on Ask, Dogpile (though my blog also appears in the number 3 slot on Dogpile) and Google.
  • My blog doesn't appear at all on MSN or Yahoo.

I have yet to discover a pattern. And I have, to date, concluded that my repeated searches for my blog do not appear to be conjuring their appearances in search results. It does, though, seem to be a valuable exercise if for no other benefit than to know where by blog stands in each.

As a small bonus for my efforts, I discovered today that Google allows a searcher to "promote" a website they include in their search results as an indicator that they retrieved what the searcher was looking for. I happily promoted my Enviro one when it appeared as number three.

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