Friday, November 20, 2009

A blogger resumes after a long holiday...

Yesterday I submitted my new blog (In Search of Jumbo's Landing) to 2 different sites, in the hope of generating traffic. However, I neglected to note the sites anywhere. The problem with that is not knowing if I have already hit a site and the potential to thus waste time revisiting it. One of the sites did respond with acknowlegement. I will note it and from here on do better.

Today I was going to submit my blog to additional sites, when I realized I needed to have a way to track traffic. Otherwise, I won't know if anyone is visiting. So, I added Google Analytics to my code. It takes 24 hours to register. I will need to wait at day to be certain I did it correctly.

I also started another new blog: In Search of Savings. (I remembered to add the Google Analytics to my code. It wasn't easy though, since I couldn't remember how to get back to Google Analytics!)

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